Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I'm training for a 10K at the moment and am getting into the flow of this running malarkey! I'm taking it pretty seriously, with a range of cardio as well as weights (as I want to get a little toned along the way).

Nike Gait Training
So, the best thing I've done is get myself a really amazing pair of trainers. I went to Nike Town on Oxford Street to find a pair, where a very helpful assistant took me for a gait test. This test looks at how feet land when they hit the ground. Apparently mine land well - a lot of people's land a bit inwards, apparently - so they suggested a pair of Lunar Glides. I love them, they add a spring to my step for sure!

I'm not a fan of the sweaty look, so I've grabbed myself some sweatbands to wipe my brow with while pounding on the treadmill. The best couple of pounds I have spent recently.
Sports bra
Primark, for sports gear? Hell yes... I picked up a sports bra in there for £4 and it worked a treat. No bouncing boobs for me. It's brilliant.

The Deep Freeze and Deep Heat range of products are widely available 

It's hard to get the balance right between training hard and training too hard. I learnt this lesson the hard way, and for this, I found Deep Heat. Deep Heat contains a mixture of pain killers, warming and soothing ingredients to generate heat, improve blood flow at the site of pain and bring fast relief from muscular pain. It works wonders. The smell is pretty pungent, but I quite like it ; ). There's also a Deep Freeze range, which contains a mixture of cooling ingredients to also relieve pain, reduce swelling and helping to shorten the time to recover. Keep some by your bed to put on after a hardcore session at the gym!

Isklar water
For me, there's nothing more refreshing than water. Oddly, my gym doesn't have fountains, so I bring my own bottled water. Chilled sparkling water is my preference, and Isklar is  my favourite... I know some people think all water is the same, but I can taste the difference (I think it must be all the minerals!!)

4 weeks til my 10K eeeek!