Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I'm training for a 10K at the moment and am getting into the flow of this running malarkey! I'm taking it pretty seriously, with a range of cardio as well as weights (as I want to get a little toned along the way).

Nike Gait Training
So, the best thing I've done is get myself a really amazing pair of trainers. I went to Nike Town on Oxford Street to find a pair, where a very helpful assistant took me for a gait test. This test looks at how feet land when they hit the ground. Apparently mine land well - a lot of people's land a bit inwards, apparently - so they suggested a pair of Lunar Glides. I love them, they add a spring to my step for sure!

I'm not a fan of the sweaty look, so I've grabbed myself some sweatbands to wipe my brow with while pounding on the treadmill. The best couple of pounds I have spent recently.
Sports bra
Primark, for sports gear? Hell yes... I picked up a sports bra in there for £4 and it worked a treat. No bouncing boobs for me. It's brilliant.

The Deep Freeze and Deep Heat range of products are widely available 

It's hard to get the balance right between training hard and training too hard. I learnt this lesson the hard way, and for this, I found Deep Heat. Deep Heat contains a mixture of pain killers, warming and soothing ingredients to generate heat, improve blood flow at the site of pain and bring fast relief from muscular pain. It works wonders. The smell is pretty pungent, but I quite like it ; ). There's also a Deep Freeze range, which contains a mixture of cooling ingredients to also relieve pain, reduce swelling and helping to shorten the time to recover. Keep some by your bed to put on after a hardcore session at the gym!

Isklar water
For me, there's nothing more refreshing than water. Oddly, my gym doesn't have fountains, so I bring my own bottled water. Chilled sparkling water is my preference, and Isklar is  my favourite... I know some people think all water is the same, but I can taste the difference (I think it must be all the minerals!!)

4 weeks til my 10K eeeek!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


So, peeps are heading to Glasto, loaded up with tents, wellies and bottles of beer! I was having a think back to the festivals I've been to, and these are my top five festival essentials...

Radox Clean & Moisturise
I am a bit of a hygiene freak, and the thought of festival toilets turn my stomach. If you can't blag your way into VIP, where you can be guaranteed a continuous flow of water to clean yourself with, then hand sanitizer is essential. The Radox Clean & Moisturise hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria AND contains chamomile & jojoba oil to moisturise palms! It smells lovely to - add it to your raving bag! 

Organic Surge Kiss & Make Up wipes, £  

Although I have to shower at some point during a festival (I know you're supposed to slum it, but I can only go so far, I'm a princess), I'm quite happy to keep clean the rest of the time in other ways. Face wipes are the ideal solution. Organic Surge Kiss & Make Up wipes are fab, as they clean away all the make-up and dirt from your face (and perhaps body too) PLUS they moisturise - perfect for packing light. What's more, these wipes are organic and biodegradable, so if you can't find a bin, throw them outside the tent! 

Nature’s Plus Red
I am rapidly making my way through my twenties, and with this, comes hangovers (the deadly enemy of the festival goer). Nature’s Plus Red Lightning is the perfect pick-me-up after a heavy, tiring, booze filled night. Packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, these little sachets (mixed with water) taste bloody good, and take the edge of your pounding head to get you ready to face the fields for another day. Bliss. Pack one for every morning (just in case).
Wicked Wedge, £14.95
As well as an airbed (SO worth making the extra room for in your backpack), somewhere comfy to lounge near your tent is an ace idea. Whether it be when you're waiting for you best pal to apply all her make up/face paint OR for when you've come back after a long night partying to share a few night caps with your mates, an inflatable lounger such as the Wicked Wedge, will bring home comfort to the campsite. 

Ear Plugs
The best money you will spend on your festival kit will be on ear plugs... my tent-mate bought them along last year and they really are genius. I totally am not a whiner when it comes to noise usually, but when you get to bed at 5am and have a four-five hour window until the sun will wake you up in your sweaty sleeping bag, you want to sleep as soundly as you can without the 'lads' in your neighbouring tent waking you up at silly o'clock! Sleep soundly my friends, with earplugs Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


 TONI&GUY Touch Control Digital Straightener, £59.99

Oh I love a new toy, particularly if it will make me look good! Here are five reasons why I love my new straighteners...

1.  They're great value - just £59.99 for top quality ceramic straighteners. It's a fab price for such a stylish little product - particularly when GHDs cost twice as much!

2. They work for everyone - some people, like me, need the highest temperature to straighten thick, unruly hair, but people with thinner, tamer hair can turn the heat on these bad boys down (as ultimately heat = damage). This makes them great to take share with friends on nights out or to take away on holiday in a group ...

3. Speaking of holidays, this is a fab product to pack. It's quite small and light, but best of all it locks. There's a little lever to lock the plates together to prevent damage in transit. I've never seen this before, but it's a great function

4. IONS: These help tame hair, and this beauty tool releases them as you straighten, to give the hair moisture. You can vary the setting for this too, as flyaway hair needs less to control it than crazy hair!! 

5. Handy hints.. The straighteners come with a handy book to show you how to create a variety of styles so you can make the most out of the gadget! 

I'm looking for hints for products to give great curls for thick hair, any ideas, please leave a comment below...

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Customer service... it makes all the difference. I was browsing Selfridges recently, and tried a nail transfer called Incoco. I was told by the assistant that the french manicure she had just transferred onto my fingertips could last for a couple of weeks. I was dubious, and said I'd think about it. Five days later and the transfer didn't have a scuff, so I returned to purchase some. I asked the assistant if she would mind re-showing me how they were applied, and she did - and then she let me have a go too, so that I was confident re-doing my own at home. At £40 for a set of three (which I've been told will do six sets of nails) it's very reasonable. Applying them does take some time, but the effect is brilliant... Here's five steps to applying them:

Step one: Peel the white tip from the backing,  once you have it in place, rub on.
Then file your nail  so there's no over-hang. 
Step two: Peel the pearl varnish strip off the backing
Step three: cover the nail in varnish and press out so there are no air bubbles

Step four: File to shape
Step five: Repeat x9!
Head to Selfridges to try them out for yourself. I can't wait to try the leopard print set I bought.

What new nail items do you love?

Thursday, 9 June 2011


It's supposed to be the most important meal,set you up for the day and kick start your metabolism... but what are the best breakfasts on the market? These are the top five things I reach for to aid morning hunger pangs...

Belvita Breakfast Biscuits, £2.19
Most supermakets

I'd heard a few adverts for Belvita breakfast biscuits, so I bought a box of the fruit & fibre ones. They don't look tasty, but they are delicious - a bit like McVittie's Fruit Shortcakes. They contain whole grain and a selection vitamins and minerals... but they taste far too nice to be good for you in my opinion! The problem I have is I eat all four biscuits (they come in sachets of four) for breakfast, and then I tend to eat another pack in the evening after dinner as a snack (fattie). 
White's Apple & Cinnamon Crunch, £2.45 
I would seriously consider doing a Waitrose shop just for this joyous breakfast treat. It is heavenly. I could happily eat nothing but this for a very long time... and I tire easily! Try it, you will love it - delicious light granola with little flakes of apple and a hint of cinnamon. They don't sell it everywhere, but they should!!

Mmmm chocolate croissants
Chocolate croissants - not Pain au Chocolat (although I do like these too!) are a fabulous morning meal. My personal favorite is the Tesco one, but I more regularly buy the Pret ones, as I work in London, and you can't move anywhere without passing one! Warm rich chocolate goodness encased in delicious pastry. Yum. 

Rumblers Oat Clusters and Yogurt (Raspberry), £1
Various stores
I blame eating on-the-run for my indulgent chocolate snacks, when I could just as easily eat grab something that's healthy. Rumblers Oat Clusters with Raspberries and Yogurt are delicious and available at most shops (and almost all branches of Boots). The convenient tubs contain low fat probiotic yogurt, into which you can pour the nutritious wholegrain oats with little dried raspberries. It even comes with a spoon.  Perfection in a little plastic bowl. 
Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Clusters Milk Chocolate Curls, £2.97  
I am a Kellogg's Crunchy Nutter. I go particularly nuts for the Milk Chocolate Curls variant. It combines tasty clusters of oats, wheat and corn, wrapped in honey and nuts with milk chocolate. It is somewhat of a dessert, but who cares!?

What's your favourite brekkie?

Monday, 30 May 2011


Hair is something that all girls get very emotional about. When we hate our current style, we fret about the changes - colour? length? texture? We want what other girls have: curls, volume, wash-and-go straight hair... and when we finally manage to perfect our hair, we need to shelter it from the rain and protect it from the sun to keep it looking gorgeous. Basically, it's a big deal. There are thousands of products out there to keep our hair looking fabulous. These are my top five:

Living Proof Styling Treatment, £19 

I was an advocate of Kiehls hair serum, until it got discontinued (I could have cried), however, the lovely people at SpaceNK told me about a little known new product - a straight-making styling treatment from Living Proof. It does help keep my thick, unruly hair in order, and I do get lovely comments about the volume in my hair when I use this product. It smells nice too. The only downside is the price - nearly £20 for a small bottle! Eek. As it's a cream, I need quite a lot to distribute through all my hair, so it's not even like it will last that long, so I will have to keep this hair treat as just that! 

Trevor Sorbie Professional Beautiful Curls Collection, £5.10 each 
I've got naturally wavy hair that I straighten almost always, as it's the only way to make it look presentable for work. At the weekends, or if I'm feeling too lazy to straighten my mop (it takes about an hour!), I leave it to dry naturally, and wave itself. To give it a little helping hand, I use the Trevor Sorbie Professional Beautiful Curls Collection. It contains ingredients to enhance your natural curls. It's a cheap way to ensure you get the most out of your hair. The packaging is really lovely too, and looks very pretty in my bathroom. 

Dove Intense Repair Conditioning Treatment, £3.36

I've always suffered from split ends (largely due to straightening, I assume). I used to sit and snip at them with a nail scissors, a disgusting habit, as there would be hundreds of little split ends scattered all around me! Well, no need for that anymore, as Dove have come up with a wondrous set of products to fix the damage. WOW. The conditioning treatment is my favourite. Like the Aussie 3 minute miracle, it is fast-working, but this little gem has special Fibre Actives which seep deep inside the hair to fix any damage. Magic!

Oilatum, £12.76 
One of the blessings of having lots of volume is that it makes it more difficult to see dandruff. Every now and again I get a blast of it, and it's really hard to shift. I keep any perfumed shampoos and conditioners away from my scalp, and try to use anti-dandruff shampoo wherever possible, but nothing yet has proved itself 100% effective. One product I do rate is Oilatum, it's an anti-dandruff treatment (use like shampoo, but leave on for 5 mins). It's fragrance and colour free, so it shouldn't aggravate a scalp. If anyone has any other tips, to help flaky scalps, I'd love to hear them. 
Flower Power, £2
Spittalfields Market (just like Una from The Saturday's

I spent yesterday roaming around Spittalfields Market, East London. I hadn't been for a while. Every third stall (it seemed) was selling these cute flower headbands, just like the one Una's sporting in the picture. They were an absolute steal at just £2, so I picked one up so I can pretend to be a hippy! Great for festivals (or playing dress up at home on a rainy day). 

Sunday, 15 May 2011


There's nothing like trying something new and falling a little bit in love... It's always a risk, as you never know if you're going to like something, but in a canary-sent-down-the-coalmine type way, I've taken the hit and tested some new items out. Below are my top five new tries, so you can give them a go knowing they're bloody awesome.
Sweet Breath, £1.99 for three
I was sent some samples of a new breath freshener to try. I usually use gum when I want fresher breath, but these little spray vials have made me rethink. They are bloody fantastic. With a couple of sugar and fat free squirts, it kills germs and gives the minty-fresh effect you're after in an instant. Called Sweet Breath, and retailing at under £2 for three little bottles, its definitely worth picking up a pack to keep in your handbag!
Montagne Jeunesse Pressed Cherry & Cocoa Lip Balm, £3.05
Mmmmm, lip balm. I always need lip balm within reaching distance, so my lips can stay silky-soft all day long. The newest balm to creep into my collection is from Montagne Jeunesse. I'd not seen them before, so was really excited to give them a try (as I'm a big fan of its facemasks). The lip balm is made from 100% pure beeswax, and bursts with a chocolately smell and flavour. Other flavours include Shea Butter & Mango, Cranberry & Aloe Vera, Wheatgerm & Black Pepper and Aloe Vera & Spearmint.

label.m Organic Orange Blossom & Organic Moisturising Lemongrass Shampoo  & Conditioner £13.25 each
There's nothing like coming out of a hair salon with beautiful, bouncy, shiny, gorgeous-smelling hair. Most of us can't afford to visit the salon every week. But, we can afford salon quality shampoo and conditioner, to recreate great hair at home. label m smells delicious - I've been using the Lemongrass variant for thick hair - and I love it. Perhaps because it's organic, I find it really mild on my hair (I have a tendency to get dandruff, but this shampoo doesn't aggravate the 'condition') The conditioner is ubur moisturising, and contains Shea Butter to leave hair looking soft and glossy. I'd highly recommend label m for a pampering purchase!
Yes To Cucumbers Calming Facial Mask, £11.99
Face masks are a little treat, and the new Calming Facial Mask from Yes To Cucumbers is aaaaahmazing. I woke up the other morning with blotchy skin, not cool. Rather than slapping on layers of concealer, I opened my tub of face mask, slopped it on my face and left the cucumbers, aloe and Dead Sea mud to work there magic. After five minutes, I rinsed the beautiful-smelling mask off and voila... much smoother, calmer skin! I've been using the ranges' Facial Towlettes (wipes to you and me) too - and they are lovely too!

Ghost Enchanted Bloom
I am a fickle little fly, so whenever I finish a perfume, I have to find a new and better one. My last, Chanel Chance eau tendre, wasn't strong enough - I'd put it on and not be able to smell it an hour later...My latest perfume purchase is Ghost Enchanted Bloom. As you'd expect from a Ghost fragrance, it's really feminine, with notes of Jasmine, Water Lily, Amber and Freesias. It's not too sweet either, so it feels quite sexy as well as girly.

What are your latest top finds?

Monday, 9 May 2011


As if getting out of bed isn't hard enough, hay fever descends, and I have a runny nose and puffy eyes to contend with before leaving the house for work, on top of important decisions like whether I can get away without washing my hair and remembering where I put my pass to get me in to my office!! Depressing and time-consuming is hay fever, so I do all I can to put the brakes on it. If you suffer from this summer pain-in-the-ass, read on for my top five suggestions for battling  hay fever...

Piriton Allergy Tablets, £2.39 for 30

For breakfast in hay fever season, I take a cocktail of antihistamines, vitamins and sinus relief tablets, washed down with some OJ! When it comes to antihistamines, Piriton tablets are great - I've used it all my life... I was given the syrup as a kid (it's delicious and works a treat!). As well as preventing from some of the evil effects of hayfever, Piriton also treats other allergies and itchy skin. Genius!

Kleenex Balsalm Pocket Packs, £3.01 for 12 packs 
There's nothing worse than a big red nose, and with all the squeezing and wiping that goes on with a sniffly schnozzle, the only tissues you should use are Kleenex Balsalm. They contain a lovely layer of moisturiser so that your nose isn't left dry and sore. I stocked up on a big pack of these on my way to work this morning... can't live without them!

Ultra Chloraseptic, £5.21 for 30 adult doses
One of the lesser considered side effects of hay fever is a painful sore throat. The absolute best treatment is three sprays of Ultra Chloraseptic, which numbs sore throats in seconds. I personally like the cherry variety, which is a staple in my first aid bag, I used it a lot when I had tonsillitis to numb the pain.
Murine Nasal Spray, £4.07 for 10 ml
It's not just hay fever that's been making my eyes sting. In the last week alone, at least three little seedy things from trees (I don't know how to describe them, but they're floating round the skies of London at the moment) have blown into my eyes causing them to turn red and sore. Murine eye drops can help with this problem, so keep a bottle in your bag to calm red/sore eyes in an instant. 

Nasacourt, £5.06 for 30 sprays
Hay fever is particularly evil to noses, so I am dedicating a second of today's top five to products that help our little honkers. Sneezing, itching, runny, congested, you name it...  My nose does it with passion! Nasacort  treats the symptoms of hay fever by stopping the immune response to pollen in the nose. Ahhhhh. Take them before your trip to the park!

Monday, 2 May 2011


It's a blog about top fives, so the day of the year I will have to celebrate is May 5th (5/5). Chilango at Chancery Lane, London  is opening on this day, and to celebrate, are offering free burritos! Woo hoo.

Chilango serves delicious Mexican food, and its fifth restaurant is opening at Chancery Lane! From 12 noon until 8pm on 5th May, Chilango’s burritos will be on the house as the restaurant combines its opening with the Mexican celebration of heritage and pride, Cinco de Mayo. It will be a Mexican fiesta with live music during the afternoon and a party through the evening.
In line with all other Chilango restaurants it will have an open kitchen area for guests to see and experience the preparation and cooking of the food - it's always nice to see what you're eating coming from a nice clean kitchen, right?! 

So get down there, grab a free burrito - and maybe pop in again once you're hooked on the Mexican deliciousness.

Happy 5/5!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Did someone mention a wedding? Oh yes, a reet Royal one... I personally am very excited, and shall be going down to St James' Park to see the full 'show'. Because of all the excitement, I've put together a top five in honour of the Royal Wedding...
Warwick dining table £99, Set of two Warwick dining chairs £59, TU red stoneware roasters from £5, Red pepper mill £5, Tu red stripe porcelain 12pc dinnerware set £22, Tu blue dot earthenware 12pc dinnerset £30, Tu 16-piece stainless steel  striped cutlery set £15, 3m Union Jack Bunting, £2.50, Hand held Union Jack Flag 4Pk, £2
I absolutely love the idea of a Street party... cover the street in bunting and all bring a bit of booze. As I live in the middle of an East End council estate, a less pretty picture of this idea surfaces, but the theory is great! Sainsbury's have a fab selection of British razzmatazz to create the picture-perfect street party at a bargain price! You'll be able to pick up your food and drink while you're there too!

Sylvanian Families William and Catherine Wedding Set, £27.99
How cute are these? A Sylvanian Families William and Catherine Wedding Set. The six-piece set includes Prince William and Catherine Middleton characters, in addition to a wedding entourage including a page boy, two bridesmaids and a Reverend. If you've got any little ones, they're such a great gift - they'll be able to recreate the 'balcony kiss' scene for years to come!

Crest cushion, £17.00

If you're friends with a traditionalist and want to get them a gift to mark the occasion (or just to treat yourself), this cushion is perfect. I think it would look right in place on a mahogany coloured Chesterton armchair. It will be your own little piece of memorabilia to mark the historic day.
Red White and Moo Royal Wedding with yoomoo frozen yogurt
A delicious combination of juicy British strawberries, natural or vanilla frozen yogurt and freshly ripened Blueberries pay homage to the Kate and Wills wedding in the form of YooMoo's Royal offering. You can pick your delicious bowl of healthy, tasty goodness at Harrods (among other locations), then eat it as you watch the event on the Big Screens in Central London  (sipping champagne too, of course!).
One in 10 British women voted royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton as having one of the make-up looks they would most love to replicate on their own big day. To help you copy Kate's classic look, QVC's resident beauty expert and make up artist Alison Young has created a princess Kate makeup tutorial to show you how to replicate the sophisticated look. It's realy easy to follow her simple steps, so give it a go!

What are your plans for this big event?

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Heavenly Honeycombe Egg, £13.50
This Chococo egg makes a great present. The packaging is gorgeous, and its insides taste lovely. This milk chocolate egg is lined with chunks of Chococo’s delicious homemade honeycombe and the outside features hand- piped milk chocolate stripes decorated with edible gold lustre. Beautiful.
AERO bubbly Lamb, £0.61
How much cuter can chocolate get? This is a new treat from AERO, bubbly Lamb. This loveabubble novelty lamb figure makes a great snack  - if you can bare to eat it! At only 145 calories per lamb it’s a lighter chocolate indulgence - buy yourself a whole flock.

Giant Florentines, £8.99
If you're having guests round, serve up these delicious Florentines. They were a big hit when I served them up... They’re available exclusively from the Fudges online shop, give them a try - you won't regret it!

Cadbury Bunnies, £1 for 2
Cadbury Caramel bars are definitely in my top five chocolate bars, and equally delicious are the Easter specials - Cadbury Caramel Bunnies. All the goodness of Caramel bars in cute bunny shapes - genius!
Buy them for your workmates/friends as a fun Easter treat - they're just £1 for two packs from Poundland!
Green & Blacks Butterscotch Easter Egg

I am such a huge G&B this is the egg I have asked for this Easter.... The thick shelled milk chocolate egg has lots of tasty little pieces of butterscotch. I just have to be careful not to eat it all in one go, as it's 180g... which is a lot of (delicious) naughtiness!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Aside from being another glorious day in the UK's April heat wave, Sunday was the marathon. It has really inspired me to get my trainers out and do a few laps of the park, perhaps even getting fit enough to do my own marathon (one day!). As well as being great all-round cardio, it will help me reduce my stress levels and tone my butt! Here are my top five products for people wishing to take up running...

SPIRU-TEIN GOLD, £28.50 for 545g
To give yourself some extra energy before you run try using SPIRU-TEIN GOLD. It's a (veggie-friendly)  protein shake from Nature’s Plus.  Containing a blend of energising proteins, essential vitamins and minerals and live whole food enzymes - it ensures you are able to run for longer with a spring in your step.
TWIST N SIP, £2.99

On the run
Every runner knows that you need to stay hydrated for optimal performance. Muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue and heat stroke are all problems athletes can run into (excuse the pun) if they don't take on the proper amount of fluid. Sistema have designed the ultimate water bottle to ensure you keep your water levels topped up on the go - the TWIST N SIP. Its unique design means that you don’t have to worry about spillages and it has a slender waist - just like yours after a few sessions - making it comfortable to hold while you speed through the park!

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, £1.22
Pot of luck
I was told by a friend who did the marathon that she saw loads of disgusting things as she worked her way round the course, including people bleeding through their nipples! Yuck! Apparently chaffing is a real problem for long distance runners, so they should lube up with Vaseline on thighs and nipples! It has other uses for runners to, including on your heels before donning trainers -preventing blisters, to stop sweat interrupting your vision  and to keep lips moisturised and protected against the elements... So pop a little Vaseline in your kit bag essential to make crossing the finish line not only a memorable, but a pain-free experience!

Nike Running Arm Wallet, £10
The key to your success
The single most annoying thing about running is finding something comfortable to hold your keys! These little armbands are a lifesaver - you can usually fit an iPod in too, so you can run to the beat!

Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle, £20 50ml

Post race
If you're suffering from aches, pain, stiffness or tension, give yourself a rub down with Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel. It contains aromatic waters and essential oils of Rosemary, Ginger, Black Pepper & Lavender to deliver an immediate localised soothing and warming effect to release tension in aching muscles and joints. It is so lovely - you can also warm muscles up with this fab gel to prepare them for training.... your legs will love you if you spoil them with this!