Wednesday, 15 June 2011


 TONI&GUY Touch Control Digital Straightener, £59.99

Oh I love a new toy, particularly if it will make me look good! Here are five reasons why I love my new straighteners...

1.  They're great value - just £59.99 for top quality ceramic straighteners. It's a fab price for such a stylish little product - particularly when GHDs cost twice as much!

2. They work for everyone - some people, like me, need the highest temperature to straighten thick, unruly hair, but people with thinner, tamer hair can turn the heat on these bad boys down (as ultimately heat = damage). This makes them great to take share with friends on nights out or to take away on holiday in a group ...

3. Speaking of holidays, this is a fab product to pack. It's quite small and light, but best of all it locks. There's a little lever to lock the plates together to prevent damage in transit. I've never seen this before, but it's a great function

4. IONS: These help tame hair, and this beauty tool releases them as you straighten, to give the hair moisture. You can vary the setting for this too, as flyaway hair needs less to control it than crazy hair!! 

5. Handy hints.. The straighteners come with a handy book to show you how to create a variety of styles so you can make the most out of the gadget! 

I'm looking for hints for products to give great curls for thick hair, any ideas, please leave a comment below...

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