Sunday, 12 June 2011


Customer service... it makes all the difference. I was browsing Selfridges recently, and tried a nail transfer called Incoco. I was told by the assistant that the french manicure she had just transferred onto my fingertips could last for a couple of weeks. I was dubious, and said I'd think about it. Five days later and the transfer didn't have a scuff, so I returned to purchase some. I asked the assistant if she would mind re-showing me how they were applied, and she did - and then she let me have a go too, so that I was confident re-doing my own at home. At £40 for a set of three (which I've been told will do six sets of nails) it's very reasonable. Applying them does take some time, but the effect is brilliant... Here's five steps to applying them:

Step one: Peel the white tip from the backing,  once you have it in place, rub on.
Then file your nail  so there's no over-hang. 
Step two: Peel the pearl varnish strip off the backing
Step three: cover the nail in varnish and press out so there are no air bubbles

Step four: File to shape
Step five: Repeat x9!
Head to Selfridges to try them out for yourself. I can't wait to try the leopard print set I bought.

What new nail items do you love?

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