Wednesday, 9 March 2011


The finishing touch to my make-up is a flash of blusher. It brings it all together and adds some colour to my face! Here are my top five blushers...

Dainty Doll Blusher in Hippy Shake, £13
Best for pale & interesting sorts
Now, you may have seen my top five foundations post recently, where Dainty Doll featured, but my absolute favourite product in the Dainty Doll range (created by Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts) is the blusher. I just love the lilacy beauty of the Hippy Shake powder cheek tint. It's the perfect product to give pale skin a glow - and it will sculpt your cheekbones so they look razor sharp! The compact is gorgeous and slimline, complete with a mirror for on-the-go touch-ups. Hooray for the ginger Girls Aloud gal!
Touch of Blush, £10
Best for Dannii Mingogue wannabes

Dannii Minogue - she knows how to look amazing, doesn't she! How does she get her cheeks looking so rosy? Touch of Blush, that's how! I'm not surprised she selected this product either, rushing between her Project D empire, looking after little Ethan and X-Factor, she needs an easy-to-apply blusher like this... It's a great, summery colour and can be applied in one sweep - a great handbag essential (as the powder comes out on a brush for ease of application). 
New CID i – glow in Coral Crush, £24

Best for those who like their blush with a shim-shim-shimmer
I'm a big fan of new CID products - the white packaging makes them look a little space age. They have a new compact shimmer powder that contains a magical marble blusher inside - filled with a swirl of cheek-tinting colours containing light reflective pigments that mimic your skins natural radiance. This blusher is great for a night out - giving a dramatic look with a subtle shimmer! 

No7 Blusher in Soft Damson, £9

Best for a classic look
This powder blush from No7 creates a really natural colour on the cheeks - the shade I love from the range is Soft Damson. It's so easy to apply, and it would need a lot for you to look 'overdone'. It's a real bargain to - less than £10. My only gripe with No7 products is I find that the clear bit on the lids of its products come loose/fall out, which can make transporting them tricky... but I do love this blusher, so I guess 'lid issues' aren't a big deal!

Airbase blusher, £32.95

Best for a pro finish
Silicone feels really smooth on skin; doesn't clog pores, allows skin to breathe and is the reason why Airbase make-up has amazing durability. Silicone products are preferred by many make-up artists, as they last particularly well at high temperatures (great for being under strong lights on stages and film sets). This makes this blusher great on nights out - as it will stay on no matter how hot you get. It's almost water-like in texture - so you can put a teeny, tiny bit on with a foundation-type brush, and then work-up until you achieve the desired amount of rouge.

What blusher could you not live without?


  1. I haven't heard much about the dainty doll blush but I'm definately going to be having a closer look :)
    great post!! x

  2. love ur blog!


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