Thursday, 3 March 2011


We all strive for perfection. But we also skip the gym and eat too many cakes foods from time to time. For this reason, it's handy to have some body-shaping tricks up our sleeves. Here are my top five.

Scala Anti-Cellulite Hosiery Slimming Legging, £15
What if I told you  a pair of £15 leggings could get rid of your cellulite... Scala have a range of hosiery that does just that. The anti-cellulite qualities are woven into the fabric, so you can wash them and wear them again and again without them loosing their effect! The leggings are super-comfy and supportive too. In tests by Scala, an amazing 80% of women saw a reduction in inches lost around their waist and a reduction in cellulite. Give them a try (you'd pay £15 for a pair of leggings in TOPSHOP that wouldn't get rid of cellulite, so it's really a no-brainer!)
NeuroTrim, £1.79
Various Supermarkets
Weightloss in a bottle? NeuroTrim contains just 37 calories, and is a sweet-tasting (a bit like pink grapefruit) still drink that helps you stay slim. It does so through an ingredient called LuraLean™, which swells in your stomach - tricking you into feeling full. Clever! It also contains L-Carnitine – an amino acid that helps convert body fat into energy and Green Tea Extract – an antioxidant that helps stimulate metabolism. Try drinking one a day before your main meal.
Formoline L112, £29.95
So, you're eating healthily and loosing weight, THEN you're invited to a really important event where you have to eat loads - maybe it's a trip to you're favourite restaurant, maybe you've been invited to a wedding or maybe it's your birthday and you want to eat lots of cake. Whatdoyoudo? You pop some Formoline L112. These little pills contain a naturally sourced fibre, clinically proven to bind to dietary fats and cholesterol passing through the digestive tract. This reduces the calories your body absorbs, helping to reduce excess weight. Genius. I wouldn't say eat them everyday, but when you need to eat something fatty, but don't want to get fat- try these! I tested them out over Christmas as I munched through a huge tin of Roses and think they worked!
EllaPure Diet & Detox Set. £30
We all know that quick fixes only last so long, so if you're in it for the long haul when it comes to getting in shape, a great way to start is the EllaPure detox. Consisting of weight support cider vinegar capsules that contain a blend of potassium and other beneficial minerals to support digestion and increase metabolism. The set also contains an anti-cellulite detox body oil - that is topically applied to skin to help clear the body of toxins (as the build up of toxins contributes to cellulite). The oil, to me, has quite a aniseed fragrance, so I tend to use it at night, and rinse off in the morning (I've heard that oils work better on skin at night, as the warmth generated as you sleep helps them penetrate skin and get to work better!)
Pupa Buttock Enhancer, £39
We don't always want to make things smaller. Some people like a bit of junk in their trunk... My friends have an affectionate word for people with no bum. They're called 'begs' - as their back goes straight into the leg. If you fear being branded with this name, get a bootilicious butt lift using PUPA Buttock Enhancer. It's clinically proven to re-position, reshape and lift buttocks up to +1.2cm in eight weeks, giving you the pert bum of your dreams. The cream smells great too, so before you go on your hols, grab a tube or two of this butt-enhancing cream! Booty-ful!

What tricks do you have for getting in shape?

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  1. I just ordered some of the formoline thanks for the post,hope it works.
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