Tuesday, 29 March 2011


So, I have been a naughty little blogger and not posted for a week or so. Tut tut tut. I have excuses - I have been a busy little soldier, chained to my desk at work but I promise to do better in future. This Sunday, in case any of you have forgotten, is Mother's Day. After buying my mum gifts at Christmas, Mothers Day and her birthday each year, it can get a little tricky to come up with a new idea. I quite often just ask her what she wants, but for those of you that want to surprise your mum this Sunday, I've come up with a top five gift ideas for your No. 1 Mum...

Royal Horticultural Society Sunflower Candle, £12
Wax Lyrical and the Royal Horticultural Society have collaborated to create the RHS Chelsea collection. The Sunflower candle comes in a contemporary case, but has a beautiful black and white botanical English garden illustrations from the RHS Lindley Library adorning the glass. It is so, so pretty. It has a fresh spring scent containing a luxurious blend of essential oils. It's a great gift for mum to enjoy this Sunday!

Rose Jug, £25
I think this jug from M&S is so cute... I prefer plants to flowers, as they have a bit of longevity. What is also amazing about M&S is that if you order by 6pm, you get next day delivery - perfect for last minute 'what do I buy mum?' panics!!

Charbonnel & Walker Pink Champagne Truffles, £21.50
 A gift from Charbonnel & Walker will always make the recipient feel special - I bought some for my darling mum last year. The pink coloured champagne truffles have a milk chocolate and Champagne centre - yummy! The boxes of these premium eats are so gorgeous you need not wrap them! Bonus for people with substandard wrapping skills (like me!).

Diane Von Furstenberg Campbell Silk Scarf, £125
I think scarfs are always a lovely gift. You'd need to be feeling pretty flash to buy your mum a DVF scarf for mother's day, but this one is so so pretty, I just had to include it on my blog!

Prucia Plum Liquer, £31

Oh my goodness... This has to be the most amazing drink I have ever, and may ever try. Buying booze for your mum isn't necessarily the obvious choice for Mothers Day, but why not break the trend and pick her up a bottle of the heavenly Prucia Plum Liquer? Serve over crushed ice or splash in a glass of Champagne for an uber-posh Kir Royal!

Love to all your mums xxx


  1. your blog is so unique and creative! I'm officially in love!


  2. Thanks - very kind of you to say x

  3. Great blog, love this post (even though im a bit late) love the rose jug, a classic gift of flowers with a twist, Lingerie Of Desire

  4. Absolutely - and something they can keep! x