Monday, 2 May 2011


It's a blog about top fives, so the day of the year I will have to celebrate is May 5th (5/5). Chilango at Chancery Lane, London  is opening on this day, and to celebrate, are offering free burritos! Woo hoo.

Chilango serves delicious Mexican food, and its fifth restaurant is opening at Chancery Lane! From 12 noon until 8pm on 5th May, Chilango’s burritos will be on the house as the restaurant combines its opening with the Mexican celebration of heritage and pride, Cinco de Mayo. It will be a Mexican fiesta with live music during the afternoon and a party through the evening.
In line with all other Chilango restaurants it will have an open kitchen area for guests to see and experience the preparation and cooking of the food - it's always nice to see what you're eating coming from a nice clean kitchen, right?! 

So get down there, grab a free burrito - and maybe pop in again once you're hooked on the Mexican deliciousness.

Happy 5/5!!

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