Monday, 9 May 2011


As if getting out of bed isn't hard enough, hay fever descends, and I have a runny nose and puffy eyes to contend with before leaving the house for work, on top of important decisions like whether I can get away without washing my hair and remembering where I put my pass to get me in to my office!! Depressing and time-consuming is hay fever, so I do all I can to put the brakes on it. If you suffer from this summer pain-in-the-ass, read on for my top five suggestions for battling  hay fever...

Piriton Allergy Tablets, £2.39 for 30

For breakfast in hay fever season, I take a cocktail of antihistamines, vitamins and sinus relief tablets, washed down with some OJ! When it comes to antihistamines, Piriton tablets are great - I've used it all my life... I was given the syrup as a kid (it's delicious and works a treat!). As well as preventing from some of the evil effects of hayfever, Piriton also treats other allergies and itchy skin. Genius!

Kleenex Balsalm Pocket Packs, £3.01 for 12 packs 
There's nothing worse than a big red nose, and with all the squeezing and wiping that goes on with a sniffly schnozzle, the only tissues you should use are Kleenex Balsalm. They contain a lovely layer of moisturiser so that your nose isn't left dry and sore. I stocked up on a big pack of these on my way to work this morning... can't live without them!

Ultra Chloraseptic, £5.21 for 30 adult doses
One of the lesser considered side effects of hay fever is a painful sore throat. The absolute best treatment is three sprays of Ultra Chloraseptic, which numbs sore throats in seconds. I personally like the cherry variety, which is a staple in my first aid bag, I used it a lot when I had tonsillitis to numb the pain.
Murine Nasal Spray, £4.07 for 10 ml
It's not just hay fever that's been making my eyes sting. In the last week alone, at least three little seedy things from trees (I don't know how to describe them, but they're floating round the skies of London at the moment) have blown into my eyes causing them to turn red and sore. Murine eye drops can help with this problem, so keep a bottle in your bag to calm red/sore eyes in an instant. 

Nasacourt, £5.06 for 30 sprays
Hay fever is particularly evil to noses, so I am dedicating a second of today's top five to products that help our little honkers. Sneezing, itching, runny, congested, you name it...  My nose does it with passion! Nasacort  treats the symptoms of hay fever by stopping the immune response to pollen in the nose. Ahhhhh. Take them before your trip to the park!

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