Wednesday, 2 February 2011


One benefit to being a girl is going though your friend's, sister's or mum's make-up bag to find new treasure. The day I found MAC liquid concealer this way was a great day - and when I purchased it, friends tried it on nights out and ended up loving/buying it too... So, below I am tipping out my hypothetical make-up bag, just for you to have a rummage. In it you will find five of my latest beauty lusts...

Monu Cleansing Balm, £35 (150ml)
Absolutely adore the smell, texture and effectiveness of Monu Cleansing Balm. It's is a rich balm that you rub onto wet skin for a minute or two- you can feel beads gently removing the dirt - including make-up. You then rinse off with warm water and a cotton cloth. The balm leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. It's hands down the best cleanser I've ever used. I am so precious about this balm that I actually remove it from the bathroom between uses, as I don't want anyone else to put their grubby fingers in my amazing new cleanser! 
Rescue Balm, £5.75
Chapped lips. Yuck. When you get them, you want something that will get rid of them, fast. Although I do love good ol' Vaseline as a cheap cure, my new miracle find is Rescue Balm. It's an uber-moisturising lip balm with natural flower essences. This cute little tub can be popped into our bag for everyday use, as well as chap-lip emergencies. Kiss anyone?!

glōSheer Tint Base £22
Beautiful, dewy, natural looking skin. Oh yes, it can be achieved! Now, some days we need a big slathering of foundation to hide our bags/spots/redspots, but when we can - particularly with spring approaching - we should definitely try to switch to something lighter. glōSheer Tint Base creates a luminous, flawless base. The slight tint (it comes in six shades ranging from golden medium to honey and natural) melts into skin. Simply apply with fingertips to create a flawless look that will have people guessing if you've got make-up on at all. J'adore.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream, £2.07 for 30g
How did I not try Sudocrem Skin Care Cream for so long? What doesn't it do?  It still soothes irritations, moisturises, it's great for problem skin - including spots and dryness. I've been using it recently if my skin isn't at it's best, as an overnight mask - and it really does the job. In my opinion, it's too thick for use in the day-time (maybe because I don't have dry skin?).The product now comes in a handy tube -  so you can keep it close by for any skin emergencies. This product's for the long-haul.

Laura Geller Bronze n Brighten Baked Colour Bronzer with Brush, £26.50
Bronzer. It can go right, or you can look orange. For the former, try out Laura Geller Bronze n Brighten . This colour correcting bronzer gives you a sun-kissed glow without leaving you looking like Judith Chalmer's daughter. Its unique formula starts as a liquid and is baked for 24 hours to create a creamy power finish, which can be easily applied with the retractable brush. It's available in Fair or Medium and comes with a compact mirror in the lid - perfect for a midday/post-work touch up!

These are my newest finds... please share any of yours below!

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