Monday, 31 January 2011


I don't smoke, rarely drink, have the odd flutter on the lottery or the horses. No addiction. I can take it or leave it. But, the one thing I can't live without.... is hand cream - what a vice. I go through tubes, tubs, jars and pots of it. Before I've finished one, I've bought the next. I must not run out. You get the picture - I neeeeeed it. My name is Stephanie, and I am a hand cream addict. So here are my top five...

Barbara Daly Helping Hands Serum, £6.75
I've been using hair serums for years, more recently, face serums but now... hand serum! And how lovely it is too. Soft like satin and smooth to the touch, Helping Hands by Barbara Daly (no relation) for Tesco is designed to moisturise, soothe and protect. Just one tiny drop reduces dryness to create healthy hands with fewer lines. It's the perfect size for a handbag, so slip one in your shopping basket. 
Herbal Aloe Hand Cream, £8.50
Herbal Aloe Hand Cream will make your hands super soft. As the name suggests, the range contains Aloe Vera, a natural moisturiser recognised for thousands of years for its nourishing and vitalizing benefits. This hand cream is the perfect thirst-quencher for people with dry skin - it will leave your hands feeling soft and your cuticles smooth. It's subtle scent is really lovely too.

Hands First Invisible Gloves, £4.99 (75ml)
Busy hands need a resisiliant hand cream. Hands First Invisible Gloves not only moisturise skin to keep it silky soft but it also builds a protective layer over your skin - making it ideal for applying before household chores or gardening to protect them from detergents and dirt. Rumour has it that using it pre-fake tan will protect you from staining your hands. I've not fake tanned in a while, but will give it a go and report back! This is fragrance free too, so suitable for people with sensitive skin.

VIE at Home Blissful Hands Softening Hand Cream, £7.50
Vie Blissful Hands Softening Hnd Cream has a delicious smelling fruity fragrance. The cream contains Rosehip Seed Oil, Chamomile, Allantoin, Glycerine and Cocoa Butter to keep hands super-soft. The packaging is super-girly, and would make a great gift for a hand cream lover!
Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream, £3.56 for 75ml
Finally, Dove Visible Effects Hand Cream is a fab new product to give hands deep-down mositurisation. It has a 'Multi-Layer Complex', which basically means that it doesn't just sit on the top layer of skin, it sinks into lower layers to offer lasting hydration that lasts for ages.

All this talk is making my hands thirsty. I need my next fix...


  1. VIE at Home I love these products sooooo much I joined as a Consultant.

  2. nice post! I use dove ^_^ I think it is a good one :P

    thank you for you sweet comment btw
    it is from urban outfitters

    ps: maybe you like to join our giveaway?

  3. @DawnD - Love Vie so much!

    @TheMadTwins... I'll have to pop to Urban outfitters ; )