Thursday, 20 January 2011


I do get a little sad that we've not fully evolved. There's no logical reason why any woman should have hair below her bottom lashes. Until the scientist have conquered cancer, and moved onto more important things - like creating a genetic mutation that prevents unwanted hair growth - I've put together my top five products for removal of unwanted hair...
Gillette Venus Embrace
Usually, it's men that get the high-tech shavers. We've seen the ads. There's always multiple blades at optimum angles and titanium coatings... Well, now girls can have that 'close shave' too, with Gillette Venus Embrace. This razor is extra special, as it has a protective moisture ribbon that lets the razor glide smoothly. I use this razor for my legs, and it really is the best shave your pins are ever likely to get. The five blades individually adjust so that even the tricky bits - like ankles - can be shaved to within an inch of their life! I've been loyal to Venus for years, and long may this relationship continue.
Prices vary

Ouch, ow, ahhhh, agggghhhh I think they were the words coming out of my mouth during my first laser hair removal session at SK:N... and then I bit my hand as I thought it might just numb the pain as my bikini area was zapped. I've had seven sessions at SK:N clinics, and I must say, the hair is gone - Woo hoo! No more shaving or  waxing 'downstairs' for me. Each session did hurt, but the bikini-area session is over in ten minutes, so you just have to lie back and put mind over matter (washed down with some Ibuprofen). It's expensive, but if you can find the money, it's well worth investing.

parissa Express Wax Strips, £7.99
Sainsbury's and Boots
I'm not a particularly hairy person, but sometimes I'll see a few hairs on my top lip (or on my toes) that I want to get rid of, and fast. A really quick and easy way to remove hair that will last a few weeks is, obviously, waxing. Parissa make great express wax strips that are perfect for keeping on-hand for any hairy emergencies. The pack contains 8 double sided wax strips. Simply warm one between your palms for a few seconds to loosen the wax, apply to your 'hairy area' - wherever it may be - and then pull away against the direction of hair growth. You'll be fuzz free in seconds. I'd always use these at night if possible, so that your skin has time to calm down afterwards - as waxing can leave skin a little red afterwards.

parissa Azulene Oil, £7.99
Sainsbury's and Boots
My next fuzz-free product actually comes with the above-mentioned wax kit, but can also be bought on its own; Parissa Azulene Oil. It's a nifty little oil that prevents in-grown hairs - fab for using post shave or wax.

Finally, the brows. I'm always torn about the best course of action, as mine are naturally quite a decent shape - so I tend to just pluck the strays. However, I really need to haul my ass down to the nearest threader to have a professional shape. These little cotton-waving magicians really can transform a face. There's threaders everywhere - particularly in Asian neighbourhoods (as they're the real threading pros), and they start at cheapy-cheap prices like £3! Perfect brows. Done.

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