Monday, 17 January 2011


There's something undeniably reassuring about putting something natural on your skin. Products that don't contain chemicals, that will not only be better for your skin, but which are also less likely to have a damaging effect on the environment. Below are my top five natural beauty products...

No Nonsense Organic Hemp & Shea Real Skin Cream, £15 for 100ml
Delivering truck loads of moisture to skin, while avoiding all chemicals, No Nonsense Real Skin Cream has been developed for face, body, hands and feet using 100% organic oils. I really love the Hemp & Shea Cream. From the tin the texture of this product is like a mousse, but one applied to skin, it melts, leaving you  with super-soft skin that has a glossy shine  (that'll be thanks to those organic oils!). The entire No Nonsense range is hypoallergenic, so it would make a great gift for a person with sensitive skin. Give it a whirl!

Rosa Mosqueta Bath & Shower Gel, £10

Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta®  is enriched with Rosa Mosqueta, macadamia and almond oils that will leave skin feeling super-soft. You can use this product in the shower or as a relaxing bath soak (which is my preference). The geranium and lavender fragrance will really relax you and leave your skin smelling fabulous too.  All the ingredients are 100% natural, so you'll feel great, smell beautiful and feel good!

Naturally Cranberry & Moro Orange Body Butter, £8 for 200g
For stockists call: 01277 220 842
Naturally Upper Canada is a botanical body care range that's 97% natural; using botanically active ingredients while remaining free from nasty  Parabens, mineral oils, SLS, and synthetic dyes. The Cranberry & Mono Orange Body Butter is really indulgent, and soaks into skin easily, keeping skin soft without feeling greasy. At just £8 for a big tub, this sweet-smelling body butter is a real bargain! 

Montagne Jeunesse, £4.99
Available nationwide at Tesco

All Montagne Jeunesse products are bursting with natural, ethically sourced ingredients and they have a new product - Tottles! Basically, Montagne Jeunesse make fab sachet face masks, and a Tottles holds 10 applications! So there'll be no more frantic searches for scissors in the bathroom - followed by you opening a sachet with your teeth and ending up with face mask in your mouth -yuck! I tried the Sensuous Spice mask without any danger posed to my taste-buds - a gorgeous and exotic blend of Cinnamon, which brightens and tightens, and uplifting Ginger, to leave your skin radiant and cleansed. The warming sensation feels amazing on skin - and the terracotta coloured mask makes you feel like you're in a spa! The best bit? I get to use it nine more times! God bless you Tottle - a new bathroom staple.

vertese Skin, Hair and Eyes, £4.99 for 30 capsules

It's always good to be healthy on the inside, as this will come through skin to keep you looking radiant on the outside. vertese is a health and beauty supplement brand where all products -as well as being vegan friendly -are derived from natural sources. I've been taking vertese Skin, Hair and Eyes recently - daily beauty capsules that contain Vitamin C and Zinc, for a healthy immune system; Biotin for healthy hair; Vitamin A which acts as an antioxidant and Lutein, which provides nutritional support to help keep eyes healthy and maintain normal vision. I've not found a supplement that does quite as much as this one - so it's now my beauty essential.


  1. What does the No Nonsense Organic Hemp & Shea Real Skin Cream smell like? I usually find the smell of hemp products a bit overpowering!

  2. It's got quite an unusual smell - slightly musky with a hint of herbs! The fragrance isn't overpowering - probably because it's full of natural stuff. Hope that helps!