Saturday, 29 January 2011


I love a good spring clean! Particularly going out afterwards, and coming home to a sparkling, sweet smelling home. Bliss. Waking up with a small hangover, I worked through it this morning, trying out some new cleaning products - where's my medal? Below are my top five spring cleaning products.

Narcissi Spring multi-surface cleaner, £5.15

Numero uno. You need a good cleaner, as well as being good at getting things clean, it's nice to know that it's also good for the environment. The Home Scents range of eco cleaning products are scented with essential oils, and leave things sparkling - and smelling lovely. The multi-surface cleaner can be used neat on surfaces or diluted to clean floors.
Sarah Smith Ultra Absorbent Cloths, £2.05
There's no need for drab cleaning cloths - Sarah Smiths Ultra Absorbent Cloths have really cute designs - so they'll brighten up you cleaning cupboard! They're machine washable too - so you can get lots of use out of them. 
Flash Power Mop
Her name is Mrs Mop, and she is bloody good at her job. Push the button on the handle of the Flash Power Mop - a battery-powered gadget -  and she'll spray cleaner across the floor - you then just whizz her over dirt or spills and she sucks it all up! She has changeable cleaning pads, so you just bin them after they're dirty. There's even a scourer on the side to scrub stubborn splodges of dirt without getting on your hands and needs. Get one.
E-cloth Window Pack, £8.99
Sometimes when I'm cleaning, I want feel like I need a little bit of magic... et voila. The E-cloth - it cleans with water alone. Wow! The cloths breaks up, traps and absorbs grease, dirt and bacteria from all hard surfaces - leaving them cleaner for longer. I've been using the e-cloth Window Pack - you can use it on mirrors and the window frame too. Simply wet the cloth, wring out any excess water and use as required, then follow up with the Glass & Polishing Cloth to remove any remaining smears. It really does work - a great space-saving product if you live in a small flat.

Once your home is clean, it also needs to smell nice. Oust is a great air freshener - as it doesn't just put a flowery smell over a bad smell - if  attaches to odour-causing bacteria, killing them and taking them out of the air. Amazing.

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  1. I have the e-cloths at home and they are great! I really like their mop as they save me lots of money and do a great job.