Friday, 14 January 2011


It would be nice to think that the sky turning black at 4pm and working long hours would mean that we all fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow, but sometimes we just can't nod off. Below are some products that may help you fall into the most blissfull nights' kip you've ever had...
Devon Duvets
First things first, you need a super-comfy duvet to sleep in. Devon Duvets are natural with a 100% wool filling and are encased in soft cotton. The wool is reared by British farmers and the unique and natural properties of the wool resist dust mites and could help to relieve allergies or asthma - helping you drift off and have a comfortable nights sleep. 

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray - Goodnight, £11.95

BetterYou Magnesium Oil Spray - Goodnight is a unique combination of magnesium and essential oils to help promote peaceful sleep. Spray it on skin to replace magnesium lost through modern diet and pressured lifestyles (Magnesium deficiency is responsible for nervousness that prevents sleep). The spray also calms muscles and nerves which regulate melatonin - the hormone essential for normal sleep cycles. Each bottle contains up to 800 individual sprays to send you into a peaceful sleep every night.  
NiteHerb, £5.99 for 3 tablets,

I've spoken before on this blog about Valerian, as it's clinically proven to help sleep. New NiteHerb tablets contains 150mg of extract from valerian root. When people with sleep problems take Valerian, the quality and duration of their sleep improves, so insomniacs should give it a go.
Tisserand Sleep Roll-On Remedy,  £5.25
Small enough to keep in your handbag, the Tisserand Sleep Roll-On Remedy is a great way to help you switch off. Just roll over pulse points when you wish to feel sleepy and feel yourself relax. It smells lovely - with calming lavender oil, comforting bergamot oil and ylang-ylang which aids relaxation. This is the perfect travel companion for people who find it hard to sleep away from home.

Gingerlily Eyemask, £12.90

I often wake up too early when the sun rises - even in winter, and an ideal way to ensure you stay in a deep sleep is to invest in an eyemask. Although masks you pick up on flights are an option, look after your skin with a silk one - like Gingerlily's. As silk is high in protein, it is extremely soft and kind to the skin - you'll be able to sleep for longer without getting wrinkles! I'm sure Sleeping Beauty had one of these!

What do you use to ensure you get enough sleep?

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