Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Santas, tinsel and fake snow appear in shops in August, Christmas songs have been on the radio for weeks, we have inadvertently started stocking up on festive treats during supermarket visits and probably have a couple of stocking fillers for friends and family hidden away. Today though, as everyone knows, is when the real countdown to Christmas begins, for we can open little doors on teeny tiny advent calendars. So, for the first Daly Top Five, I shall be reviewing the very, very best advent calendars. 
Twelve Days Advent calendar, £4.95
The 'Twelve Days' calender from Caroline Gardner is understated cool. From her South West London studio Caroline creates beautifully designed stationary and this little beauty is one of them. It certainly over-delivers on the title, as it has the full 24 day count-down to Christmas! To me, it looks very Rob Ryan, and would be the perfect pre-Christmas gift to your trendiest friend.
Green & Blacks Organic Advent Calendar, £34
Well, I couldn't do a top five advent calendars without chocolate now, could I? And if you're going to have chocolate, you may as well do it properly. The hanging Green & Blacks Organic Advent Calendar is made with organic cotton and houses tiny bars of delicious organic chocolate. When ordering it online you can give your flavour preferences, so that it's filled with the G&Bs chocolate you love the most. Never tried Green & Blacks? You now have 24 chances to try it!
Wooden Chest Advent Calendar by The Orchard, £26
There's nothing like finding a hidden treat each day, and with the Wooden Chest Advent Calendar by The Orchard, you'll be able to find just that. This re-usable advent calendar can be filled with sweet treats, trinkets or money (if you're lucky). Fill with your loved ones favourite things as a fantastic December 1st gift. 

The National Galley Advent Calendar, £6
How amazing is this... The National Galley Advent Calendar - behind each window (frame) is a painting from the gallery. This calendar comes with a red envelope - perfect for posting to someone who needs a little culture.
Wooden Nativity Advent Calendar, £26.95 
Usually when people start talking about there birthday's weeks before they happen, I have no time for them. However, I somehow think it's totally normal and acceptable for hundreds of thousands of the population to count down for 24 days to the birthday of a man who died 2,000 years ago. Maybe it's because he, unlike my friends, can turn water into wine!? Whatever the reason Jesus, manger and all, had to feature here somewhere. This Nativity scene advent calendar can be found at Selfridges.

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