Friday, 10 December 2010


You may forget your feet at party time, which is silly, as sometimes feet are the makers or breakers of a fun night out. Particularly if you've just introduced them to your new sky-scraper heels. My top five products for happy party feet are below.

Soap&Glory Foot Buffer, £8.50
Sometimes, you gotta be cruel to be kind, and filing away that dead skin - though gross - is really important for happy feet. I absolutely love the Soap&Glory Foot Buffer - it's £8.50, making it quite premium in the foot filing stakes - but it's bloody good. At the base of the handle, there's even a mini file for filing toes! They'll feel baby-soft by the time you've finished.
OPI Nail Varnish
I'm not a big fan of nail varnish, but Christmas parties are a special occasion, so I guess a coat or two on the old toes would be a wise idea. OPI varnish is pretty resistant to chips, so will probably see me through the whole party season.

Party Feet
Sleeping in on a comfy matress with a snuglly pillow - just how good does that feel? Well, it feels a little like when you put Party Feet in your shoes.... Scholl Party Feet provide cushioning to your tootsies to help prevent the burning pain we get when we dance too much. Slip these gel pads into your shoes to reduce the pressure on your feet (they have versions for heels, balls of feet and even 'sore spot' pads to protect from any areas where your shoes rub) when wearing high heels.

Feet Fairies, from £9.99
We've all been there, feet killing at the end of a night out, wondering if it's in any way acceptable to remove our shoes and walk barefoot....  Feet Fairies are the answer (a gift from the feet heavens if you will). These fold away pumps come in a handy pouch, so they can be re-used without our handbags getting muddy! The pouch folds out to become a bag to carry your shoes home in too - the Feet Fairies really have thought of everything!

Cosy Toes Intensive Foot Treatment Balm, £8.50

After a hard night partying, treat your feet to a concentrated treatment balm that will condition your tired  toes. VIE at home’s Cosy Toes Intensive Foot Treatment Balm contains a blend of Pro Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil that leave feet nourished and revived. Bliss.   

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