Thursday, 2 December 2010


As a child, I was fortunate enough to live in a house where the kids got to decorate the tree. It was a mayhem of tinsel streamers, home-made baubles, twinkly lights and a fairy who definitely looked like she'd been up to no good. I do gush in awe at immaculately decorated trees, with colour schemes and matchy-matchy decorations, but in order to get the best of both worlds, I think an eclectic, messy mix of beautiful decorations would make my ultimate festive tree. Below are my favourite five Christmas decorations that can be bought in stores this year:

Rose Bauble, £5
Pretty, pretty roses. This darling bauble comes from M&S and will cost you five British pounds.
Cody Foster Eiffel Tower Bauble, £35
The next decoration I fell in love with was the Cody Foster Eiffel Tower Bauble. I was in Paris earlier this year for the first time and I can think of no better way to remember my time there than to have a miniature Eiffel Tower (along with two tiny gold trees encapsulated in a snow-painted glass dome) dangling from my tree! This pretty bauble is available at Selfridges and costs £35 - so I shall place it somewhere its unlikely to get knocked!
 Alpine Parcel Decoration, £4.10
 With roses and a Parisian snow scene, my tree is fast becoming very romantic. To stop it from calling me darling, kissing me and buying me chocolate, a double injection of Christmas is in order. Ticking both the Christmas present and reindeer boxes, the Alpine Parcel Decoration, £4.10 is everything a Christmas decoration should be.
Decorations, £2.49 each
It wouldn't be Christmas without doing something good for others, so it's time for a charity decoration (or four).... The Stocking, Tree, Heart and Star decorations can be bought from the Cancer Research UK Online store and cost £2.49 each. 100% of profit from these items goes towards its lifesaving work.
Wooden Hedgehog Decoration, £2.50
Finally, because they are simply adorable, please add a little hedgehog to your tree. The John Lewis Wooden Hedgehog Decoration is a snip at £2.50. Buy at least two, as they get lonely on their own!

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  1. Hi Stephanie, I really like your blog idea and look forward to seeing your selections! This post has made me think about digging out the decs and getting some Christmas music on, I love the rose bauble!


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