Friday, 17 December 2010


The first thing I have to say about crackers is that winning is everything. Don't just go pulling them with anyone, strategically offer to share yours with the weakest looking person at the table (although not children, as it's 'frowned upon' to keep the toys that you win against kids). Then, grip as near to the central part of the cracker as possible and yank it downwards - and hard! Bingo. Toy, hat, joke, and most importantly, glory. Below are my top five Christmas crackers. Good luck.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity Cracker, £10 for box of 5
If you're gonna win, you may as well win big. Pull a Rainbow Cracker for the chance to win a £10,000 Boodles diamond, an aerobatic flight with a former Red Arrow pilot or a stay at the luxurious Cliveden House Hotel. These crackers are sold to raise money for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity ( The charity provides emotional and practical support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. Crackers also include a Christmas hat and joke (but we'll all be searching for the diamond!)

Dig in Crackers for Cooks & Gardeners, £15 for six
If you're entertaining people who like to show off their culinary and horticultural talents, Dig in Crackers for Cooks & Gardeners will be the perfect treat for your table. Winners of the annual Christmas pulling competition will take home cookie cutters, mini graters, plant markers, twine and seeds - they'll be able to entertain themselves in kitchens and gardens for hours! Whoop.
Christmas Table Crackers, £30 for four
If people are likely to get upset if they open a cracker with no toy, then these probably aren't the crackers for you (and you should consider if you're hanging out with the right people). Hotel Chocolat crackers will make your table look amazing. The crackers are tied with beautiful  gold ribbon and contain three  Christmas chocolates, a party hat and a Christmas joke. There are 24 different chocolates inside - 40% milk, 70% dark, caramel, creamy white, dark with peppermint, zesty orange and more. So have a little sniff of the crackers before you pick your seat!
Eco Jumbo Crackers, £50 for six
The ethically minded will be charmed by these environmentally friendly crackers. Each contains a luxurious eco gift. The only dangerous thing about these crackers, is that you have to go to Selfridges to buy them (hide the credit cards. Now!)

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