Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Bleeding office Secret Santa. Guaranteed you'll never get one of your workmates. So, whoever you've pulled out of the Santa hat, read on for some inspiration with my top five Secret Santa ideas.
I Love Spreadsheets Mug, £8.50

You've been lucky enough to pull out the androgynous name belonging to someone from accounts. Marvellous. You've only ever corresponded over email - how to solve the puzzle? ... Buy them a mug saying 'I Love Spreadsheets' - because sometimes you just gotta work with what ya got!
The Penguin of Death, £6.99
Maintaining an air of mystery about yourself at work may be important to you. If so, I have the ULTIMATE gift... The Penguin of Death. Adorable at first glance - who could resist his chirpy little beak, wide bright eyes and cuddly grey body? Then, read the message which states that this penguin, should he wish to, could kill you in one of 412 different ways. Funny? Creepy? Cute? Sinister? You'll keep your air of mystery alright! You may also never get invited out to lunch again....
Dans Le Jardin Fragranced Candle, £7.50

The lucky lady you have to buy for is the big boss lady. If she has a sense of humour, go for a joke gift - but if not, play it safe and buy her something inoffensive (she'll be in charge of deciding on your Christmas bonus, remember!!). The Dans Le Jardin candle from M&S is a safe bet. 

Alida of London Beauty Tools Set, £5.99

If you're buying for the 'girlie girl' at work who loves the latest beauty tools, the newly launched Beauty Tools Set from Alida would be a great choice. The set contains slanted tweezers, mini emery board and nail clipper - perfect for girls who like to look glam!
Volcom Puppet Socks, £6.99
Every office has a joker, and if you are chosen to buy their Secret Santa gift then consider this - Volcom Puppet Socks. You can just picture his gleeful little face now as he unwraps them and amuses your colleagues at the office party with his own amateur puppet show. He'll also get to take home a handy pair of socks - I love a good 2-in-1 gift!

What are you buying your secret santa?

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