Monday, 6 December 2010


Everyone wants perfect skin. Admittedly, genes play quite a vital role in whether we have picture-perfect skin or not, but there's plenty that we can do to give nature a helping hand to give us silky-soft skin too. Below are my top five products for flawless skin.

SilkPerfect Pillowcases, from £20
We know we need our beauty sleep, but have you thought about what you're sleeping on? Traditional cotton, linen and polyester pillowcases have high absorbency rates, which steal moisture from skin while we sleep. Dried out skin is naturally prone to ageing and sleeping on what is a relatively rough surface can contribute to the formation of lines and creases too. So, it's worth investing in some silky-smooth pillow cases. SilkPerfect pillowcases proactively retain moisture, while the fine soft nature of the fibres provides a smooth base for you to rest your sleepy head (they're better for hair to rest on too!).
ROC Sublime Energy Eye, £29.99

It's all very well sending people to the moon to monitor the solar system (or whatever it is they do up there!), but I am pleased to see that the scientists at ROC very much have there feet on the ground and are channelling their science degrees into something that will benefit human-kind much more - keeping us looking young and fabulous! Bioelectricity is fundamental to the skin's rejuvenation process. It's basically positive and negative charges that run through our skin, sending messages to renew skin and keep our skin looking great. As we age, bioelectric signals diminish, so, to keep our skin beautiful, we need to send signals another way... ROC Sublime Energy Eye mimics the body's own bioelectricity to accelerate the skin's repair process. Young looking eyes. Done.
Airbase Primer, £39.95
If you don't suffer from dry skin, skip moisturiser and smooth on Airbase Prime. Airbase products have been formulated by Oscar nominated make-up artist Anni Buchanan to create a flawless, lasting finish. This product isn't drying at all, and feels sensational on the skin. It's not tinted, so is the perfect base for any skin colour.

Vie At Home Correct & Perfect Concealer, £10.50
This item has to be my new favourite cosmetic. This handbag sized gem has a green-coloured concealer to even out redness, lilac to lift and brighten your complexion - it works brilliantly under the eyes to reduce bags and brighten the area. After you've applied foundation over the green/lilac concealers, you can then blend the two concealer shades to complete your flawless skin look. My sisters adore this product too - it would make a great gift for a beauty addict. Love, love, love it!

Mineral Foundation, bellapierre, £34.99

Mineral foundations help improve skin texture and tone, it also has a natural sun screen inside, due to its  Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide content. The bellapierre Mineral Foundation is great if you need light coverage. This product will leave your skin looking, as well as feeling amazing.

I hope this top five helps you get your skin ready for the party season!

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